Patuakhali 1320 (660x2) MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant is going to be an another mega project by the Government of Bangladesh. It is another dream project for the people of Southern Part of Bangladesh. The motto of this power plant is to bring all over the country including marginal areas under electricity service. To implement this project and to fulfil the dream A Joint Venture Company "RPCL-NORINCO Intl Power Limited (RNPL)" was formed on December 21, 2017.

Bangladeshi state-owned company RPCL selected the site at Kalapara Upazilla under Patuakhali District through detail feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment in 2016. RPCL acquired 915.74 acres of land and 500 acres handed over to RNPL officially as long-term Land Lease Agreement in 2019. BPDB will purchase all the electricity generation from the power plant. Following this process Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed between BPDB and RNPL on February 20, 2019 and Implementation Agreement (IA) have been signed between RNPL and PGCB in 2019.

This project consisting of construction of jetty and coal handling facilities for coal import, coal storage, power plant construction, township development and construction of transmission facilities and road communication. To construct the Power Plant, the company signed EPC Contract with "The Consortium of Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute Company Limited of China Power Engineering Group, China (CSEPDI)".

As part of the construction process necessary steps are already taken by RNPL. This Power Plant will be run using Ultra-Super Critical Technology along with high quality coal, which will be imported from Indonesia and Australia. For selection of potential coal supplier, RNPL signed a contract with Consortium of Top Hand Consulting Limited and Wood Mackenzie (Australia) Pty. Limited.

The construction of the Patuakhali Power Plant started on August, 2019. But immediate after the construction began, Covid-19 spread out all over the world. Construction work slowed down for some while, but never been stopped. And now it is very close to make the dream successful. Already near about 60 percent development of the plant has been completed.

The steel structure for the Boiler of 1st Unit is almost done. And the progress of the Boiler of 2nd Unit is already started.

The construction of Turbine Hall, 400 KV GIS Area, Chimney, Induced Draft Fan, Forced Draft Fan, Fuel Oil Tank, Mini Fire Station, Sea Water and DM Water Treatment Room, Water Reservoir, Induced Cooling Tower, Admin Building, Engineering Building, Work Shop, Coal Yard unloading are going on. Temporary facilities are 100 percent completed, main components of the power plant are in manufacturing stage in China.

30 acres of the land is used for resettlement of the people who lost their lands and homes during land acquisition. An attractive residential township has been developed for 281 families along with all the necessary infrastructures like houses, mosque, school, health Centre, market, community center, cyclone center, playground, pond and graveyard. This portion this project is almost ready to handover to the owners.

Almost 2500 people working in this project. Headed by the Dhaka office. Site office situated at Patuakhali just beside the project area. Workers from Bangladesh and China working together to install the power plant. A temporary living area with all the necessary facilities has been developed for the employees and workers at the site area.

This mega project will come into operation by the end of 2023.